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PARABOOT's original shoe trees are made from sturdy natural beech wood, featuring a gentle natural luster and practical hardness and density. Due to the characteristics of the wood, unlike regular pine shoe trees, it allows for richer lines and finer processing, enabling the curves to completely conform to the shoes. These shoe trees are specifically designed for PARABOOT shoes.

They are suitable for restoring the shape of the shoes, reducing the formation of wrinkles on the upper, preventing deformation of shoe opening, and making it easier to reach any normally hard-to-clean corners while applying shoe cream and cleaning with a shoe brush. The holes in the middle also allow for ventilation of moisture at the bottom when the shoe trees are inserted.

Size Selection Recommendations:

Shoe trees are only available in whole sizes, such as shoe tree size UK7.0, suitable for shoe size UK7.0~7.5, and so on.