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PARABOOT's original leather mirror wax not only enhances waterproofing but also more importantly produces a mirror-like effect on the leather. You can adjust the frequency of waxing according to your preference to achieve different levels of shine.

Basic Maintenance Steps:

1. Insert PARABOOT shoe trees.
2. Use the horsehair brush to remove dust.
3. Apply the first cleaning cream to remove any residual wax.
4. Apply color restoration cream as needed based on the shoe's condition(such as scratches and areas where the original leather color is exposed).
5. Use a shoe brush and pure cotton cloth to polish and remove any excess color restoration cream.

Mirror Finish Steps:

(Do not jump to mirror finish steps without completing the previous steps. The exception is if the mirror finish has been done previously.)

6. Apply shoe wax onto your fingertips. Rub it onto the leather in circular motions using your body heat until your fingertips feel dry. This initial step helps polish and fill the leather's pores while ensuring there is not too much wax on the leather surface(applying sparingly across the entire shoe, adding more as needed).
7. Use the horsehair brush for the first stage of polishing.


8. Use a clean cotton cloth with a small amount of water to spread the wax(just enough to make your fingertips slightly damp; using a completely dry cotton cloth may remove the wax applied earlier, making it difficult to achieve the mirror effect).
9. Once you achieve the desired shine, use a horsehair or sheepskin brush for final polishing(adjust steps according to personal preference).