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PARABOOT's original nourishing wax is specifically designed for oil wax leather(Lisse leather). It is typically used for shoes made of oil wax leather that has been worn for one to two years or more, or regular maintenance. Under normal conditions, oil wax leather(Lisse leather) will continue to secrete white wax bloom.

If shoes made of this leather type do not exhibit this phenomenon after one to two years, the nourishing wax can be used considerably to replenish the leather's original waterproofing capabilities.

Recommended Usage:

Before applying, ensure the shoe surface is clean from dust. Take a minimal amount onto your fingertips and apply it evenly in circular motions on the oil wax leather. Wait for approximately five to ten minutes for the lather to absorb the wax. Then, use a horsehair shoe brush to remove any excess wax that the leather can not absorb. Continue brushing until the surface feels smooth to the touch. Finally, use a polishing cloth or sheepskin brush for the final cleaning and polishing.

*Note: Applying too much wax can cause clumps on the brush, so it is recommended to use a minimal amount.

*The nourishing wax can not achieve a high shine or deeply soften the leather like shoe polish. Its main purpose is leather maintenance and replenishing the original waterproofing properties of oil wax leather.

*This type of conditioning product may cause a slight darkening of light-colored leather, which is a normal phenomenon.