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PARABOOT's original leather cleaning and conditioning cream is rich in oil and wax, capable of softening and nourishing the leather to maintain its flexibility. It is particularly effective in removing old wax residues from previous maintenance.

After daily wear, it is recommended to use this product after a simple brush cleaning or before applying color cream, which can further extend the life of the leather shoes.

*Notes: This conditioning oil product may cause a slight darkening of light-colored leather, which is a normal phenomenon.

Step-by-step Guide:
1. Insert PARABOOT shoe trees.
2. Use the horsehair brush to remove dust.
3. Apply a small amount of cleaning cream onto your fingertips. Rub it onto the leather in circular motions, using your body heat to aid absorption. Apply the cream sparingly, ensuring even coverage across the entire shoe. If the initial application is not enough, add a small amount gradually without applying too much cream at once.
4. Allow the cream to be absorbed for a few minutes, then use the horsehair brush to remove any excess cream until the leather feels smooth to the touch, indicating there is no excess shoe cream left on the leather.